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A searchketeer (pronounced just like The Three Musketeers or the Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeers) is a search engine that is optimized for a specific topic.

A good way to compare a general search engine with a topic-specific searchketeer is to examine what happens when you search for lincoln using a general search engine. Try it. The general search engine is likely to return results relating to Lincoln-brand automobiles, President Abraham Lincoln, and the company Lincoln Electric. Why such varied results? Because the general search engine has no way of knowing whether you are searching for cars, presidents, or companies.

When you use searchkeeters, you get to choose which searchketeer best fits your search needs. Let's say that you are interested in President Abraham Lincoln, and that you choose the Presidents and Presidency (US) searchkeeter. Searching for lincoln in this searchketeer returns better results, because the searchketeer knows that you are interested in United States presidents, not cars or companies.

searchketeers.com is powered by technologies from two amazing companies: The New York Times (our favorite news source) and Google (our favorite search engine). Note that neither company endorses nor promotes searchketeers.com. We are very thankful to both for making available the technologies that make searchketeers.com possible.

searchketeers.com is very much a work in progress. We would love to hear your feedback. Leave comments here